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How to sew up seams of knitted items. Tutorial.

This master class helps to make perfect looking seam of your knitted parts without knots and ends that needed to be hidden.
lacelegance. knitted parts without knots and ends
When you sew up your sleeve or side seams,
- all part of the pattern must jump together, your first and last stitch of the same row must strictly match along the seam;
- knots and yarn ends must be hidden especially in important places such as hemlines, handcuffs etc.

Let's start.

At the very beginning leave the yarn that equals the length of your future seam + 10-15cm. Do not cut it from your work. This strand will sew up your seam.

lacelegance. leave the yarn

Your first and last stitch of the same row must strictly match along the seam in order to avoid warping of whole item.
The starting reference point can be the place where the stokinett and the rib meet toghether, or the place where increasings/decreasings are made, or the place with strongly noticed same patterns/cables. But if you plan to make absolutely plain item you should work several stitches at the beginning and at the end of the same row with small piece of contrasty yarn together with your main yarn. It will be your starting reference point.

Now take the sewing neddle and any slick thread (I used service thread from my knitting machine but you may use any slick syntetic thread) fold it in half and insert it into your needle. Short end is with the loop.

Start to sew in a zigzag fashion through the knot of each row

alternating from edge to edge from your starting reference point to the direction of handcuff (in this particular sample there is very strict boundary between the stockinett and the rib but I descided to show the way with contrasty stitches). Make sure that loops of your contrasty stitches jumped together perfectly and continue to sew till the edge of the handcuff.

Remove the sewing needle and insert the main tread into the loop (this thread is from the beginning of your work).

Pull free ends of the slick thread and pull out the main tread in the loop of slick tread.
So you get perfectly sewn handcuff withour knots on your wrong side.

Now continue to sew up with the main tread till the end of your item.

Remove contrasty yarn and enjoy the result.

All knots are in the armhole in this example, and your wrong side seams show high quality of your work and your top-ranked skills.

Russian version (Русская версия)

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