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[sticky post] My name is Tatiana.

Knit. Crochet. Machine knitting. Patterns. Taylormade knitware.
http://www.ravelry.com/designers/lacelegance (Free and to purchase online patterns)
http://www.livemaster.ru/lacelegance (Patterns. Handmade knitware.)

http://lace-knitting.livejournal.com/ (in Russian)
Вязание крючком, спицами, на машине. Схемы и описание. Одежда на заказ.


Silk crochet dress.
Botto Giuseppe Shine melange, Hasegawa Corporation Bon wheet, Dolce & Gabbana bronze yarns.

Lacelegance. Crochet dress.

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Russian version (Версия на русском):

The Blue Karin dress second edition.

Actually I do not love to make the same dress once again but it was not the case. One day a young lady came with her story that she lost 60 kg of her weight in one year time (from 130 kg to 70) and she wanted to reward her new slim body with the Blue Karin dress. I do understand that she did really hard work and new dress would be fair prize. So I did not refuse and here it is - the Blue Karin dress new edition =) I wish her to stay slim and beautiful and enjoy both new dress and mostly new body!

Lacelegance. Blue dress. Silk dress. Knitted dress.

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Russian version (Версия на русском):


Hereby I describe only front band but the collar band is made exactly the same way.

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Russian version (Версия на русском)

Milky silk

Lacelegance. Knit. Crochet. Handmade knitware.

This crochet silky multifunction set consists of the top and the cardigan.
The set is made of original Italian silk Exodus by Loro Piana. This silk is very soft and flexible, so you may wear the top with V-neck both in front or on the back to create different images.
Long sides of the cardigan's front pieces can be tied in a knot as a shawl.
The tassels tremble in a slight movement creating delicate soft image.

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Russian version (Версия на русском)

This master class helps to make perfect looking seam of your knitted parts without knots and ends that needed to be hidden.
lacelegance. knitted parts without knots and ends
When you sew up your sleeve or side seams,
- all part of the pattern must jump together, your first and last stitch of the same row must strictly match along the seam;
- knots and yarn ends must be hidden especially in important places such as hemlines, handcuffs etc.

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Russian version (Русская версия)

Bavetta dress.

Lacelegance. Silk dress. Lace summer dress with satin silk lining

Silk crocheted dress is made if Italian silk Organzino Bavetta by Natural Fantasy.

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Russian version (Версия на русском)